Nothing works

A while back I was diagnosed with PTSD, bipolar disorder with psychotic features, and panic disorder.

They all feed off of each other leaving me in a near constant low and the manic episodes are nothing but anger, frustration, irritability and wanting to be away from everybody.

I’m left constantly feeling useless, like I don’t matter, like nobody cares or wants me around.

Nothing has helped so far. Any medications I’ve been on either do nothing, make my symptoms worse or just leave me too exhausted to function.

Talking about everything to my mental health providers does nothing but make me feel even worse because I can tell they are just going down a list of things to go over and if I start taking things they don’t have in their list then they take the conversation back the other direction.

I’m tired of it. It’s old. Nothing is changing. If it is then It’s getting worse.

The only things that have helped slightly have been marijuana but not enough to make it worth it, especially since it’s still illegal in my state, nicotine helps some but I have to keep up a constant stream of it.

Is there anything anybody ride knitted of that can help? The coping strategies I’ve tried haven’t helped and I don’t usually have the motivation to keep them up.

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