NSV- For anyone who has a nay sayer in their life saying that only “Neurotic” people can lose weight- This was my original victory post 5 years ago [Update inside of this post]

So 6 years ago I was 24 and also 455lbs, deeply depressed and everyone in my life had already given up support on me. No one more so than myself.

One night, I woke up at 3am mid a massive sleep apnea gasp and a diabetic cold sweat all in a panic. I rolled out of bed as I couldn't actually "sit up" on my own. I lost balance and my fat ass plumped down crushed my side table.

The crash woke my now ex-girlfriend.

The look on her face made me feel utterly disgusted.

I cried.

I cried my eyes out, I managed to get myself up and just walked out of the front door. And I didn't stop for 4 hours.

I didn't stop until I felt better about myself.

That day I bought myself a bike. A very, very nice and sturdy Specialized Crosstrail.

And a year later, via just simple diet monitoring and cycling routine this was the result-


I deleted my original account of DefiantElf, but this was my post. I am rarely on Reddit anymore because I found the real love of myself who supports me and doesn't judge me for my literal downfalls but when I saw that "Neurotic" post it made me really angry.

All a person needs is support, a plan and the will power to make the changes needed.

Never give up, you are worth it. Find your motivation and never let it go. We are given one chance to be young and able- Don't waste it.

This is me now, 5 years later I am now 30 and still bike and here with my fiancee in Russia. Weight is still off.


You all can do it, I believe you.

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