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With The Mandalorian season 2 on the horizon and the series’ future bright, fan speculation has turned to which past Star Wars characters could make an appearance in the show’s future – but what about other Mandalorians? Fan favorites like Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger have been rumored, but given the show’s most recent trailer, story and, well, title, it would make sense if Din Djarin met some more kinsmen along the way. But which past Mandalorians could make a return?

While The Mandalorian’s first season was hyper-focused on a small group of new characters, the show’s massive success and universal appeal has made it the de facto torchbearer for the Star Wars franchise as a whole. Of course, fans and producers alike will hope to keep the unique flavor that’s made the series such a hit, but it still seems likely that The Mandalorian’s future could start featuring bigger plotlines and tying in to established Star Wars arcs. The tease of the Darksaber at the end of season 1, for instance, doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a lightsaber duel in the show’s future. But it seems very, very possible.

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One of the most natural ways for The Mandalorian to bring in past Star Wars content and storylines without changing the flow of the show too much would be to introduce other Mandalorian characters from Clone Wars and Rebels. Now that Din’s own clan is scattered and mostly dead, and that he has officially taken on a foundling in Baby Yoda, he has ample reason to seek out others. Fortunately, the Star Wars universe is home to many great and interesting Mandalorian characters who could be great additions to the series. Here are a few who could come back.

Out of every established Mandalorian character, Bo-Katan might have the most obvious reasons to make an appearance in The Mandalorian. That is, if she’s still alive. When last seen in Rebels, she’d taken the Darksaber and the title of Mandalore – historically, the leader and protector of the Mandalorian people – to lead a resistance against the Empire. But given the fact that Moff Gideon now has the Darksaber, and that he was a key figure in the Great Purge of Mandalore, Bo Katan’s fate is unknown.

Since she was a member of Death Watch during the Clone Wars, it’s also possible that she’s met Din Djarin before. At the very least, the show will likely mention her in reference to how Gideon obtained the Darksaber. Either he killed her for it, or he obtained it during the Purge some other. If Bo-Katan – the most recent Mandalore – is dead, it could be a key plot point for the show, or a source of motivation for others to rise up and fight against Gideon. If she’s alive, on the other hand, she probably wants her sword back.

Next to Ahsoka, Sabine is probably the character fans want to see return the most. Early rumors that Sasha Banks’s season 2 character would in fact be Sabine have gone unconfirmed, so we’ll have to wait a little longer for that mystery to be solved. Regardless, Sabine has plenty of reason to show back up in The Mandalorian, and she would be a fantastic addition who would add some great intrigue to the story while also giving fans exactly what they want.

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Sabine was last seen heading off into the great beyond with Ahsoka to search for the vanished Ezra Bridger at the end of Star Wars: Rebels. If Mando goes searching for the Jedi in season 2, or if he just goes looking for other Mandalorians, she’d be a natural point of contact for him to try to hunt down. And if Bo Katan is in fact dead, Sabine is as rightful a wielder of the Darksaber as anyone. Given Moff Gideon’s massacre of her people, she could be looking for some payback.

One of The Clone Wars’ lesser-known Mandalorians, Rook Kast was a key lieutenant to Maul during his time leading the Shadow Collective. While the animated series mostly shows Kast in combat or in the background, she plays a major role in the Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir comics, where she frees Maul from Darth Sidious alongside fellow Mandalorian Gar Saxon. Saxon later dies in Rebels at the hand of Ursa Wren, but Kast’s fate is unknown. She’s captured after Maul is defeated by Ahsoka on Mandalore, but she doesn’t appear with Clan Saxon during the civil war in Rebels, leaving the potential for a comeback open.

Like many of the Mandalorians who fought the Empire’s tyrannical rule, the fate of Sabine’s mother is unknown. She was last seen giving Bo-Katan the Darksaber and pledging allegiance to the new Mandalore, which means she was likely present for the Great Purge. As a former close ally of Bo-Katan’s, having served with her in the Nite Owls, the Siege of Mandalore, and the resistance against the Empire, it’s likely that Ursa would have been close by during whatever events led to Gideon obtaining the Darksaber. She could be a key figure in any storyline about the resurrection of the Mandalorian people, if she’s still alive.

Another member of Clan Wren, Sabine’s sister and Ursa’s son could make his own cameo in The Mandalorian if the Purge and the race’s greater history becomes more central to the plot. Tristan was a key contributor to the early Rebellion in a few major battles, and his connection to Sabine means any storyline featuring her could include him as well. Of course, that’s assuming he survived the Purge itself.

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Another minor Star Wars: Rebels characters, Fenn Rau had an arc over the course of the show but eventually pledged his allegiance to Bo-Katan with Clan Wren and many other Mandalorians. He fought at the Battle of Atollon, and in the raid on Tiber Saxon’s Star Destroyer to stop Sabine’s ‘Duchess’ superweapon. As a former ally to the Rebellion (now the New Republic) and a warrior who was likely present for the Purge, Rau is one more Mandalorian whose fate post-Return of the Jedi is unknown.

While not technically a Mandalorian himself, Cobb Vanth makes this list for two main reasons – the Mandalorian armor he acquired (likely Boba Fett’s), and the fact that he may have already briefly appeared in The Mandalorian season 1. Vanth appears in the Star Wars Aftermath novels, which are set in the wake of the Empire’s fall. A native of Tatooine, Vanth is a self-proclaimed sheriff and peacekeeper, who finds a full set of Mandalorian battle armor not far from the Great Pit of Carkoon – the last place Boba Fett was seen alive.

The infamous boot shot from The Mandalorian season 1’s excursion to Tatooine was interpreted by many as a Boba Fett cameo, but others believed it was actually Cobb Vanth. Some fans also believe that Vanth is the mystery character being played by Timothy Olyphant in season 2. Knowing that Din Djarin does in fact return to Tatooine in the coming season seems to uphold that theory.

Boba Fett is the most famous Mandalorian who…might not actually be a Mandalorian at all? His “father,” Jango, claimed heritage from Concord Dawn, but the government of Mandalore asserted Fett had no official connection to the Mandalorians. With much of Boba’s own backstory now lost to the non-canonical “Legends” realm, his actual ancestry and connection to the warrior race remain a mystery.

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An even bigger mystery is whether or not Boba Fett is actually still alive in The Mandalorian. The all but confirmed return of Temuera Morrison as Boba for season 2 would seem to indicate that the bounty hunter survived his fall into the Sarlacc Pit. However, until the new season releases, we won’t know for sure how it all fits together. One thing is certain – any new Boba Fett content is guaranteed to set the Star Wars fandom on fire, no matter how small the role. The Mandalorian has succeeded largely by appealing to both classic and new Star Wars fans.

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