“It’s Happening Sooner Than You Think” | David Icke

“It’s Happening Sooner Than You Think” | David Icke 🛎️ For more mind-opening and motivation videos please subscribe to our channel: https://bit.ly/2PkGNfI​​ Please SHARE this as widely as you feel drawn… Special thanks to David Icke Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel: @Inner Vision Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/innermoti/​​ Also make sure to press […]

Guest Post: How to Achieve More in the Post-Pandemic World by Dustin B. Cisneros, CEO of RackNerd

Continuing our Opinion-Editorial and Guest Article Series, today we are talking about how to achieve more, in a post-pandemic world. Seeing that some members of LEB community are business owners or entrepreneurs themselves, we hope that you’ll be able to take home some valuable insights from this article. RELATED: Dustin has previously shared the following […]

‘The Circle’ Winner DeLeesa St. Agathe Steps Into The Shade Room To Tell Us How She Pulled Off Her Shocking $100,000-Dollar Win, Celebrating Black Families On YouTube & More! [Exclusive]

#Roommates, if you’re a fan of Netflix’s hit reality competition series ‘The Circle,’ then you know by now that the latest season featured an incredible twist, courtesy of winner DeLeesa St. Agathe, who shocked fans with an expert strategy for playing the game to the tune of $100,000. We caught up with DeLeesa to find […]

How To Become A Freelance Graphic Designer

How To Become A Freelance Graphic Designer When we are young, we are often asked that what we will become when we grow up.  How many of you remember the number of times you have been asked this question? The answer may be multiple times.  This happens with everyone. But as we age, we get […]

Connection is Critical

This past year has been a challenge to many. When our contact became limited, we found out how much we took being with others for granted, and how much we need it. Isolation increased how sad, depressed, and anxious we were already feeling before the pandemic. Recently, I relistened to Johann Hari’s TED talk on […]

Far Cry 6: Why A Voiced Protagonist Is A Better Choice

Ubisoft has finally revealed concrete information about Far Cry 6, including the fact that its protagonist, Dani Rojas, is fully voiced throughout the game, regardless of whether players choose a male or female version. Games and movies don’t always need a vocal protagonist to succeed, but in the context of Far Cry 6, it will almost certainly provide […]