Photography Fitness Workout Ideas

Photography and physical fitness, and artistic fitness are inter-twined. For example, a photographer who is very physically fit, buff, swole, trained, and low boy fat percentage will have more energy, motivation, inspiration, and physiological power to actually go out and make new photos.

Thus, I propose:

‘Photography Fitness’ as a new artistic, aesthetic, physiological, and pragmatic approach to discovering more “inspiration” and “motivation” to photography.


My ideas

Dear friends,

Some pragmatic ideas to get you going in photography:

Why photography fitness?

My thought:

Photography is incredibly physically demanding, so the stronger you get from a physical and physiological perceptive, the more power you will have to go out and make (new) photos.

Thus, we must create a hybrid of BOTH photographer AND physical/physiological fitness.

My ideas and proposals for you:

1. Maximum repetition pushups

This one is easy. Get on the floor (knees on floors, or normal), and go for maximum repetition pushups until you cannot do any more. It can be 1 pushup, 5 pushups, 10 pushups, 50 pushups, whatever. Then take your camera (or phone) and do a quick 5 minute walk around the block, and take any photos you find interesting.

Why this is a good idea

This is a good idea because once you get the physiological and blood ‘pump’ from a bunch of pushups, you can channel that positive hormonal cascade into your photo-making and creating.

2. Park photo assignment

I like outdoor spaces, and open air. I’ve found it huuuugely beneficial during COVID to go to open air spaces, green spaces, and the park for fresh air, mental health, physical health, etc. So this is the idea:

If you go to the park with your camera, you kill two birds with one stone.

You first can get a nice walk, and a good workout (chinups, dips, rock toss, etc), AND you can see photo opportunities! You can either photograph other strangers at the park (park street photography), or you can just photograph trees or other natural things. Or on the walk to the park, you can photograph interesting things in your city or neighborhood.

My recommendation:

If possible, walk. Typically during my walk, I will see more interesting things on the walk TOWARDS the park than at the actual park.

3. Don’t make “good” photos

Common guys. At this point, just being physically healthy and mentally healthy is the apex. Photography as a tool for your physical and physiological well-being. This means make no pressure to make ‘good’ photos.

Upload your personal favorite photos to to get real feedback from others in the ARS community.

What I’m reading, thinking, and doing

I cannot speak for you, but a gist of what I am up to:

Reading: Juvenal’s Satires. Hugely fun, entertaining, and an interesting take on satire, and daily roman life.Thinking: The future of photography, fitness, human physiology and health. Perhaps photography can become the ‘prime mover’ towards greater health and happiness for us humans.Photography as the apex form of artistic creation and self-expression: Now we all got iPhones or android phones, which means — we always got cameras with us. Photography not just as artistic creation, but life and self-documentation and self-immortalization via photos.

Ideas for you

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Seize your destiny; and shoot on!


MOAR inspiration and motivation


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