Please help me understand what it is I’m feeling.

Hello. I am turning to this subreddit as I have no idea where else to. I’ll cut straight to the case. I am a 20 year old who has been feeling unwell lately and has no idea wha he is feeling. For the last 2 months or so I have been feeling empty, I hate being around people to the point where it makes me visibly irritated. I’ll drive to university by bus and just have panic attacks from the people around me. Secondly, I lost all motivation and/or interest in studies. I hate going to lectures, I hate interacting with lecturers. It seems like I have lost all aspiration in life and want to lock myself in my room for days doing nothing. I’ve been sleeping during days and being awake at nights. Movies, books, video games and writing have been the only things actually giving me the slightest bit of joy. During this period I broke up with my girlfriend and fall apart every single time I think about what I had. The things I mentioned before have been happening previously to me ending my relationship so I don’t think it contributes too much. I just feel nothing, nothing excites me, I avoid talking to my friends and I sometimes think about ending my life. I’m sure I would never do it but I can’t drive the thoughts away. I’m sorry for posting this here but I found no other subreddit where people would help me understand what’s going on with me. Thank you for your answers.

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