Rediscovering JOY in Your Network Marketing Business

Are you struggling to find the motivation to do what you KNOW you need to do for your business?

You may not want to admit this, but maybe you’re not really fired up about what you do anymore.  Maybe you’re not feeling fulfilled in your business.

Be HONEST.  Be truly and authentically honest for a moment. Are you happy?

Hey!  I get it!  Everyone has these struggles at some point, no matter if it’s in an office job or while building your business!

But, if you have been struggling with these feelings, I have something extremely simple, yet profound, to share with you!

If you want to find more motivation and you want to be on fire about your business, the key is learning how to make the shift from happiness to joy.

Here’s the thing – happiness and fulfillment are two very different things! 

What is the difference between happiness and joy?

Let’s start by talking about happiness.

Happiness is an emotional response to an outcome.  It is a quick response to something that happens in your life and business.

If you’re a high performer, you’ve probably fallen into the trap of the “achievement” mindset.  

When you’re in the achievement or success mindset, everything is about the destination.  It’s about hitting that next rank, or getting a big bonus check. It’s the idea that once you meet the next goal, you will feel happy.  You will feel like you are enough ‘once _________ happens.”

There’s a BIG problem with this, though..  What if it just doesn’t happen?

Happiness says, “If I do it, I’ll feel it and if I don’t, I won’t”.  

If you are struggling in your business right now, it’s probably because you had the expectation that you wanted to do or achieve something, and it has not worked out for you the way that you wanted.  

This causes disappointment, and the disappointment results in you being unmotivated to continue.  You begint to find it very difficult to do the daily things that you need to do to build your business.

This can be especially true for network marketers.

There’s a second issue when it comes to happiness – the state of being happy is short-lived.  It is not a constant in your life.

When I was building my business, the focus was all on constant progression — getting to the next level!

I would work really hard to hit that next rank.  I would get there, and I would feel happy!

I didn’t realize that the BIGGEST problem with happiness is that it is temporary.  

Happiness is fleeting.  It’s not a strong enough fuel, and so when I would hit that rank I would celebrate for a day or two, and then it would go away!  

When you’re chasing happiness, fueled by a success mindset, it’s never enough.  

Here’s the thing – happiness and fulfillment are two very different things!  

When you’re constantly raising the bar, you never take the time to feel truly satisfied or acknowledge what you’ve done.

Nothing will ever be enough, and that’s why happiness is so different from joy.

Joy isn’t a response.  Joy is a constant. Joy comes out of the knowledge that what we are doing is something that we’ve been uniquely fashioned to do.  

Joy operates from a deeper sense of purpose.

When you wake up to a bigger reason than hitting a rank or making money, that is joy.  It’s the understanding that your network marketing business is not the end, it is the means to the end.  

Your network marketing business is a vehicle to help you live out your purpose.  To love, give to, and serve others. To make an impact and contribute at a higher level.

Some of you think you ARE your products.  You think YOU are your opportunity.

When that happens, your network marketing products become your identity, and if you don’t make a sale or achieve the next rank, you set yourself up for discouragement.

When you start to recognize and understand the difference between happiness and joy, you realize that joy doesn’t have to be manufactured.  It doesn’t depend on something outside of you. Joy is available to you at any moment that you want to tap into it.

Things will shift for you when you start building from a bigger sense of purpose – and this begins when you realize that there is a higher calling in your life.

When you begin to realize this, prospecting, presenting , and posting on social media stops being something you HAVE to do and becomes something that you GET to do.

Yes!  You GET to do these things, and you shouldn’t feel bad because you’re not bothering people by sharing your products.  

You should feel proud and excited because you’re giving them the opportunity to change!

It’s not about making a sale, it’s about helping somebody transform their life.

Every time you do a live video, you should thank God that you have the ability to share information that can impact someone else’s life.  

You should feel very grateful and thankful that you even have the opportunity to do that.  

When we start looking at our work in this way when we stop focusing on happiness and we start bringing more joy into what we do, everything changes.

Making the Shift

So, now you know that joy is all about waking up to a bigger purpose and understanding that there is a much bigger reason that you’re here.  However, how do you take action to start to shift your happiness to joy?

If you can learn how to trade your expectations for appreciation, everything in your life will change in a moment.

If you are experiencing pain, it’s likely because you had an expectation that something should have happened or that someone should have done something they didn’t.  

The reality did not meet your expectations, and that is the thing that is causing you pain. It is your need to have control.

The easiest way to make the shift is to let go of your expectations and start expressing appreciation. Start embracing the uncertainty of life. Understand that life is just going to happen. Stop focusing on how you think things should work and you start focusing on what God has put in front of you.  Start being appreciative for what you do have and for what you are getting. That’s the beginning of bringing more joy into your life.

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