Say Congrats On The New Job With These Great Gift Ideas

In between the chaos of our daily lives, we should always make time to celebrate the big wins — especially if someone we love just landed a new gig! New job gifts are a great way to show how proud you are, and with the way 2020 is going, a lot of first days at work will be happening from home for a while. So, this is your chance to get your loved one something that will keep them organized, and maybe even relieve some of the stress of starting a new role. What better way to say congrats on the new job than a gift that’ll help them kill it? 

If you’re not sure where to start looking, check out these awesome gifts for someone starting a new job. These congratulations gifts for new jobs work as first job gifts too and will fit the bill no matter who it’s for.

New Job Gift Ideas
Homesick New Job Scented Candle

This message may be a bit too obvious, but this candle smells too amazing to pass up. To help shake first-day jitters, give the smell of cinnamon, cedarwood, and vanilla with this Homesick candle.


2021 Weekly & Monthly Planner

Make sure your loved one starts off their new job the right way by helping them stay organized. This professional-looking planner will make anyone feel official and also includes color-coded month tabs, calendar stickers, and 88 pages of note pages. An organizer’s dream and a little motivation for those with a scrambled mind.

$20.99 AT AMAZON

Mini Succulent Trio Desk Plants

A new space means there’s a new place to decorate (duh). If your giftee is like many people during the pandemic, houseplants and gardening have become a new hobby if they weren’t already an obsessed plant person. Even if working from home, adding these mini beauts to their desk will brighten up their day. If they aren’t quite the plant parent yet, succulents are the perfect way to start them off. They’d have to actively try to kill this trio.

$50.00 AT THE SILL

Alexis Rose I Love This Journey for You Ceramic Coffee Mug

Number one, you can never have too many mugs, and number two, calling all Schitty binge-watchers! This Schitt’s Creek merch is perfect for super fans. Show how proud you are and prove you know them too well with this hilarious mug from Always Fit.


CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you’re going to be staring at a screen for any long period of time, you’re going to need to protect your eyes. These glasses not only provide blue light and UV protection, but they’re also lightweight and stylish. 

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Apple AirPods Pro

If there’s a baby in your giftee’s lap (or a cat, let’s be honest), odds are that they’re trying to pull on the earphone cords when they’re in use. Help your friend out by gifting them AirPods before they start their new job! They’ll be able to block out all the chaos with the noise-canceling feature and won’t have anything ripped from their ears. A true win-win.

$199.00 AT AMAZON

Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Sign

This sign is a cute way to say “leave me alone” during working hours. In a full house, it’s definitely needed to get things done in a home office. There’s also an opposite side that lets visitors know when they’re “allowed”. This adorable sign comes as a two-pack, so be sure to snag one for yourself too!


Promotion Gift Ideas
ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser & Mist Humidifier

What’s more relaxing than puffs of essential oils right at your desk? This is perfect for anyone with an upcoming promotion because they’ll no doubt be going harder and might be under more stress than usual. The additional mist humidifying feature will add a calming atmosphere too.

$21.99 AT AMAZON

EMU Australia Mayberry Slippers

Let’s be honest, if anyone is working from home these days, they’re doing so in slippers. Get your giftee this cute and insanely comfortable pair of slippers from Anthropology. It’ll go perfectly with their work blouse and pajama bottoms.


Atatat 8 Inch Digital Picture Frame

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Help limit all of the frames on your friend’s desk by gifting a digital photo frame. It’s especially a great gift for those that love to show family photos as it goes through a slideshow automatically.

$64.99 AT AMAZON

Malicious Women Candle Co Bitch…You Got This! Candle, Lavender & Coconut Water Scent

Hey, you guys are close. You can give this to your badass best friend who just landed their dream job! The lavender and coconut scent of this motivational candle gives a confident and classy vibe that will set the right mood for their next career adventure.

$25.00 AT AMAZON

Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight

Setting goals, getting promotions, and shattering glass ceilings; give your giftee a literal reminder of the hard work they’ve done and the amazing things they’ve accomplished to get to where they are.


Sorry I’m Late I Have Kids roll sleeve tee

Maybe suggest that they don’t wear this on their first day, but hey, it’ll happen at some point. From our very own Scary Mommy Shop, this tee will explain it so the parent that does it all doesn’t have to. Make sure to them know that they’re killing it too!


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