should i seek help?

for starters, i'm new to this subreddit so I hope im not breaking any rules!

I'm studying at a premier school in my country and the stress was really getting to me. It started from last year when pressure was mounting up (my grades were important in deciding certain elective programmes I could take up) and just got worse during the outbreak with the lockdown and all. thankfully, I survived the year with what little encouragement I got from my friends.

This year was an entirely different beast. with more lead board duties and projects that were piling up, with the delta variant now spreading, my country has been locked up again and we students were confined home.

i don't know how to describe this feeling, but I feel completely changed after this experience. my teachers noted that I was much more bubbly in the past but now much more subdued and "lazy". Personally, I also feel constantly fatigued and I'm more willing to spend time on my games than finishing that biology assignment that was due in January.

teachers have been wanting me to seek help and check if there's anything wrong, but I don't really want to. any low efficiency I'm experiencing could probably be linked to fatigue or procrastination, also I'm worried about my counsellor snitching on me and telling everything to my parents.

should I actually seek help? aside from a very "floaty" and carefree vibe I have there isn't anything out of the ordinary. I do acknowledge that speaking to a counsellor about some issues might probably give me more motivation to get my life back together, but from all the nightmare stories of LGBTQ students getting outed or suicidal kids getting institutionalised I don't trust the system.

TLDR: I have a complete lack of something to live for, maybe seeing a counsellor could help, but I don't trust them enough. Should I actually seek help?

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