Starting Chapter (175)

New start, new world, todays the day. Everything changes. This happens everyday. Everyday is unique.

When we are following our heart, our being, every single moment that we are given is a blessing. Blessing through the pain, through the trauma, through the anxiety, through the depression……..healing, happiness, joy, motivation, inspiration, all in all, its meant to be.

Today, it has been rainy, it has been cloudy, grey; for me thats when I find it peace, find happiness, find joy. To be surrounded by the rain, to be surrounded by the silence of the world and the sound of the weather. Beauty in the darkness, beauty in the pain, we keep pushing.

If someone hasn't told you this lately, I am proud of you. I am proud of your resilience, I am proud of your will to keep pushing through everything the Universe is throwing at you. Everything will be better then what we expect through everything we are experiencing.

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I love you.

Drey <3

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