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The Arrowverse has introduced a range of comic accurate characters but Supergirl perhaps did the most to build up the cosmic side of the DC Universe. The show brought heroes like Martian Manhunter and Guardian, alongside villains like Lex Luther. Each was spotlighted in an iconic scene that defined their personality and motivation.

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Whether it was the first time they suited up, the introduction to the character, a turning point in their journey, or perhaps an intense battle, these scenes will forever be associated with the characters and will live on even now that the series has come to an end.

Supergirl has featured countless iconic moments for Kara Danvers, but to truly appreciate the journey the character has been on, her initial introduction is perhaps one of the most important. Kara has been defined by her decision to save a crashing plane in Season 1, which happened to have her sister Alex on board.

The iconic sequence launched her superhero career and demonstrated that in a moment of chaos Supergirl was able to put her own needs selflessly behind her so that she can save those who need the help. She turned her back on a normal life, revealing her powers to the world. It’s a scene that’s been called back to since.

Lena Luthor is one of the smartest characters in Supergirl and has owed most of her success to science. She is a talented businesswoman, but her schemes (both for and against team Supergirl) have been hugely aided by her scientific know-how. The reveal that she also has magic in her blood was a difficult one to digest.

Season 6 of the show saw Lena go on a journey to discover her heritage. She was resistant to embracing sorcery considering it went against everything she knew about the natural world. The initial scene where she casts a spell for the first time is full of wonderment though; both confusion about her past and a promise of her future abilities. It’s also a great Morgans Le Fay callback.

Alex Danvers has largely been a co-lead with Kara for the majority of the show. Although her moment suiting up as Sentinel for the first time is particularly memorable, it’s the big announcement in the season 3 finale that put Alex on a brand new path in her career.

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Finally embracing her full potential Alex Danvers was named the new leader of the DEO. It’s a role she always looked up to and was absolutely prepared for. She deserved the win, but what’s even more important is that this step later influenced her decision to leave the DEO and become a super.

Season 4 of Supergirl finally unveiled Lex Luthor for the first time. It was a huge moment for comic book fans and the cold and calculating way that the villain was introduced is still iconic. Lex had Lena captured, tied to a chair; foreshadowing how their relationship would continue to destructively evolve.

Chaos was unleashed across the globe, with thousands of deaths because of Lex’s mad schemes. His mission to take down Superman was a failure once more, but even in defeat, Luthor spoke of false gods and his own grandeur. The scene showed him to be maniacal and cruel, demonstrating that Supergirl was about to put one of the best iterations of the antagonist to screen.

Kelly Olsen had largely been a supporting character, acting as a love interest to Alex and a business partner for Lena. She’d contributed her own genius mind to multiple missions, but it was in season 6 that her position amongst the team was truly revealed.

After having to deal with a local health issue which the rest of the team overlooked, Kelly Olsen realized she had to embrace the incredibly impractical Guardian costume and make it her own. It was a huge moment to see her suit up for the first time, with the promise that she’d serve her community in a way the others couldn’t.

Jimmy Olsen had his own journey to take which concluded in an unexpected place in season 5. Throughout the series, he acted as a love interest to both Lena and Kara, headed up a number of journalistic milestones, and suited up as Guardian alongside the rest of the Supergirl team.

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His final decision to move on from all of this was so iconic because of the paradox to the life he led before. He chose to set up in a small town to help real people, bringing the character full circle. He even bought an old newspaper he used to work at, allowing the character to return to his roots and ensure he was still contributing to the justice being served for ordinary people. The scene where he first steps into his new home is therefore an emotionally charged yet appropriate one.

Hank Henshaw was the mysterious leader of the DEO throughout the 1st season of Supergirl, although it was clear that the head of the alien division was hiding something. That revelation finally came during season 1, where the Hank Henshaw disguise fell away.

Fans were shocked that it was really the Martian Manhunter who had found himself at the top of the DEO. The character’s introduction and promise that his comic book abilities would be on full display certainly foreshadowed the size of his future role. It was definitely an exciting moment for fans of the source material to see the character in live-action in the Arrowverse and confirm that he was indeed not an enemy of Kara’s.

Winn Schott had an incredibly complex relationship with his father who masqueraded as the villain Toyman. Winn went off into the future, becoming Computer Lad, but something didn’t feel quite right about that shift. His return to confront his father in Season 5 finally paid off that conflict.

After realizing that his father wasn’t totally corrupt, Winn Schott announced to the rest of the team that he would be taking on the mantle of Toyman from that point. It was a symbolic scene demonstrating the evolution of the tech genius and promising that the Toyman name could be redeemed.

Nia Nal’s abilities continued to grow stronger in each passing appearance. Where once she couldn’t interpret dreams, she was now using imaginary constructs in the midst of some of Supergirl’s most exciting fight scenes. Season 6 sees so many more moments of development for the character.

Yet it’s a scene with her sister that showcases her new power. In the midst of the dream world, alongside the sibling that hated her for her gifts, Nia creates a beautiful spiral that allows the duo to fly into the air. It’s a scene that firmly says that she’s the right woman for the job and opens up a world of possibilities regarding Dreamer’s future heroics.

Brainiac 5 had a lot of secrets, chief amongst them was the connection to his ancestors. His inhibitor chips stopped those past memories from returning, but in season 4 the sins of his past were unleashed. In one incredible scene, Brainy was captured and began to revert into past personalities.

Amongst them was the villain Brainiac, who Superman has done battle with so many times. The performance was perfection, but there was a hint there that something far more dangerous laid dormant beneath the surface of Brainiac 5, who would go on to try and deal with that inner turmoil through progressive seasons.

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