[SV] Measured my weight for the first time in over two years and was actually happy!

Yesterday, I was out for a morning jog (I do those now!). On my cool-down walk back home, I passed a neighborhood gym and decided to go in and ask if I could use the scale. The last time I had done so was over a year ago, sometime in 2017, and I weighed in at 78kg. It stung, to say the least.

I began getting healthier in June of 2018, the summer before my high school senior year, because I wanted to build healthy habits before moving on to college. If I could keep pretty healthy during my stressful senior year, I felt I would have the will for it in college.

Before, I used to know I was losing because my size 14 US pants were too large to even wear with a belt and my face became ovular from round. Then, yesterday, I stepped into the gym and weighed myself again. I was 68kg!!! I had been feeling particularly down on myself, especially because seeing a difference in my body is hard for me, but this kicked a whole lot of motivation right into me!!

It’s not as much of a weight loss in the amount of time as many of you, but I am so glad to finally share my victory with you all. You’re all such amazing inspirations for me. Thank you <3

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