(SV) SW: 210, CW: 180, GW: 140 – 5’5″

My weight loss journey started because my boyfriend told me he was not attracted to me anymore. I slowly incorporated changes by counting calories to see how much I was actually eating and then aiming to drop my calories to 1495 a day to lose about 1.5lbs a week. Then I started adding more exercise, now I bike a couple of times a week and try to run a few times a week. I switched to the intermittent fasting method and only eat twice a day now and I'm down 30lbs to my lowest weight since high school! He broke up with me a few days ago and I don't want it to impede my progress because I'm doing it for myself at this point but I haven't had motivation to do anything for the last week. I'm looking for advice on getting back on track. I haven't allowed myself to overeat in the week but I've been drinking quite a bit. I'm posting to keep myself accountable as well. I think reading posts in this community has really helped me realize that lasting change is important and I appreciate this community so much.

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