Keeping Your Balance: Is Your Team Engaged?

Are your accountants passionate about their jobs? Do they come into the office every day eager, enthusiastic, and motivated to jump in and conquer those financials? Or do they frequently call in sick? If you’ve heard every excuse for why your accountants can’t make it into work, you might be facing an employee engagement gap, […]

You Will Thank Us Later – 5 Tips to Create a Retirement Plan for Entrepreneurs

Most working class Americans are employed by companies that either require or offer retirement savings options in the form of a 401(k), 403b), or pension plan. Because these contributions are automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck, saving for retirement tends to be a rather painless process. Over time, the cumulative effect of regular monthly contributions […]

3 Investment Tips for Small Business Owners

By Mansi Singhal Post sponsored by qplum. I’ve been a small business owner since 2010. In 2016, I launched an online financial advisory service, qplum, where we manage money for individuals, families, and businesses. We frequently discuss with clients the importance of saving enough for retirement. Time and again, we meet clients who don’t have a […]