Justice Department’s watchdog’s highly anticipated report on the Russia probe throws a wrench into Trump’s conspiracy theories

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters The Justice Department’s inspector general released a highly anticipated report Monday of his findings in an investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe. The FBI had an “authorized purpose” to launch the Russia investigation, the report said. Inspector General Michael Horowitz found no evidence to support President Donald Trump’s claim that […]

5 Podcasts to Ease You into the Fall Season

Still grieving the end of summer? Hold the sunscreen: It’s the beginning of sweater season, football, and changing leaves. It’s also the perfect time to add some fresh podcasts to perk up your morning commute. Podcasts can inspire you, teach you productivity hacks, keep you up-to-date on knowledge and developments in your industry, and help you […]

6 Lesser-Known Ways to Beat Burnout

Lately, you’ve been feeling fatigued and frustrated. Emotionally and physically. You’re wondering where the heck your energy and motivation went. Work feels like one big slog. You feel like you can’t meet the demands and deadlines. In fact, you dread even walking through the office doors. When you do get home, all you want to […]

Benefits of Therapy You Probably Didn’t Know About

Many of us have a narrow view of therapy. We think it’s solely for navigating clinical depression or severe anxiety or roller-coaster moods. We think it’s only an option when we’re going through a major crisis, a big transition, or a prolonged, persistent period of grief. We think therapy is only an option when relationships […]

The Five Most Common Leadership Styles

Knowing your leadership style is important far before you’re promoted to management. Whether you’re an individual contributor, tech lead, mentor, or supervisor, a clear sense of how you operate best will make you much more effective. It also allows you to adapt your style to the circumstances. Read on to discover the five most common […]

Small Things I Do Every Day to Manage My Depression

Some days you feel well, and other days, darkness envelopes you. You feel achingly sad, or you feel absolutely nothing. You’re exhausted, and every task feels too big to start. You feel weighed down, as though there are sandbags attached to your shoulders. Managing the symptoms of depression can be hard. But even the smallest […]