How We Search It: Bodies

Discover how to search for representative imagery of real people. Images that feature bodies of all shapes and sizes on stock marketplaces. For far too long, mass media outlets have only featured thin, unrealistic representations of bodies. Ads and articles created an illusion that the only body shape worth note was the shape of runway […]

16 Tips on Creating Gorgeous Watercolor Illustrations for Stock

We asked five talented artists to divulge their secrets for creating watercolor illustrations that sell on a continuous basis. Here are their top tips. If the mid-18th to mid-19th Century represented “the Golden Age of watercolor” for painters like John Constable, Richard Parkes Bonington, and John Sell Cotman, then perhaps we’re now entering another one. […]

15 famous and inspiring photographers

Walker Evans influenced Robert Frank. Eugène Atget inspired Berenice Abbott. Alfred Stieglitz mentored Paul Strand. Invented in the 19th century, photography is a relatively young medium, but its brief history has been shaped—at least in part—-by the relationships that form between artists and generations. Up-and-coming photographers stand on the shoulders of their predecessors; they borrow […]

10 Ways To Become A Better Leader

During your career development, there comes a point where your leadership skills will be put to test. Technical skills are obviously important because they will get you to a position where you may have to start utilizing your soft skills. This is the exact reason why leadership skills are considered a very important attribute that […]

30 Habits That Make You Unstoppable

You are unstoppable and that is the truth. Develop good habits, and you’ll prove it to yourself. Here are thirty things you ought to do to make it so: 1) Know and act. Do not just think. Deep down, you know what to do and how to do it. This is the pinnacle of high […]