Geddy Lee: Clockwork Angel

For more than 40 years, Geddy Lee’s inimitable voice, athletic bass guitar, and even occasional synthesizer work were the sonic cornerstones of prog-rock trio, Rush. The Canadian group was both the highest profile and most influential prog band of its generation, and truly integral to the writing of prog-rock’s second chapter. Despite crafting music that […]

The Near Win, The Uncertain Goal, and The Value Of Achieving What You Set Your Mind To

  While we might think that there is nothing worse than almost winning, actually, when it comes to our motivation, “near wins” actually add fuel to the fire.   “Motivation,” says Monica Wadhwa of Insitut Europeen d’Administration des Affairs (INSEAD), “is like energy and reward is like direction” (Wadhwa, 2017). And once our motivational energy […]

The Five Be-All, End-All Interview Questions for Entry-Level Jobs

Interviewing entry-level job applicants requires questions that emphasize their soft skills and capabilities in lieu of experience—here are five open-ended queries that every recruiter should keep in mind. Recruiters who are interviewing entry-level candidates are tasked with evaluating the applicants’ motivation and potential, and this is particularly challenging when candidates lack any real professional experience. […]