The 5 Lethal Sins of Leadership

In my years of being a leader, I’ve been lucky enough to live out a life full of bumps… Sometimes I was drowned in the joy of success, and other times experienced horrible failures. But, most of those failures had nothing much to do with the flow of work, commitment, technology, and the process – […]

10 Ways To Become A Better Leader

During your career development, there comes a point where your leadership skills will be put to test. Technical skills are obviously important because they will get you to a position where you may have to start utilizing your soft skills. This is the exact reason why leadership skills are considered a very important attribute that […]

Jeff Shuford: Excelling As A Syndicated Columnist

BE Modern Man: Jeff Shuford Nationally syndicated columnist; 32; President, Tech From Vets Twitter: @vets_22 I have been blessed to become one of the youngest nationally syndicated columnists in the nation and one of the youngest African American nationally syndicated columnists of all time. WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF IN LIFE? I am proud of […]

The Science of Tackling Large Projects

Get Your Brain Addicted to Achievement My sister is obsessed with games. Video games, board games, role-playing games – she loves them all. She will readily admit that the pure glee she derives from unlocking achievements fuels this obsession. She isn’t alone. Quests result in gold, each round of Tetris earns additional points, and grown […]

Working with Humans

“We clamor for more and bigger data while simultaneously avoiding some of the most valuable, and readily accessible information there is; the emotions of our employees.” – Joe Gerstandt After finishing a bit of work with a financial services organization this past year, I had a 1:1 meeting with the CEO to review our progress. […]