Jeff Shuford: Excelling As A Syndicated Columnist

BE Modern Man: Jeff Shuford Nationally syndicated columnist; 32; President, Tech From Vets Twitter: @vets_22 I have been blessed to become one of the youngest nationally syndicated columnists in the nation and one of the youngest African American nationally syndicated columnists of all time. WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF IN LIFE? I am proud of […]

Better than swimsuit season: Discover relentless motivation for transforming your body.

The magazines got it wrong. Sure, the promise of “six-pack abs” might be motivating at the airport newsstand. But as soon as your flight’s delayed, it’s an easy goal to forget. Because stress, frustration, and… a conveniently-located Smashburger. (Same as every day, really.) There is a fix, though. If you’re willing to ask—and answer—some hard […]

Why Precision Nutrition has given away more than $1 million dollars in prize money. And why we’ll give away millions more.

Every year, through our Precision Nutrition Coaching program, we help thousands of men and women lose weight, gain strength, and completely transform their bodies, health, and fitness. We also give them a huge bonus to shoot for: more than $250,000 in prize money. Read on to learn why we offer this extra incentive… and how […]