Starting Chapter (175)

New start, new world, todays the day. Everything changes. This happens everyday. Everyday is unique. When we are following our heart, our being, every single moment that we are given is a blessing. Blessing through the pain, through the trauma, through the anxiety, through the depression……..healing, happiness, joy, motivation, inspiration, all in all, its meant […]

Lost motivation for everything

Hello. I am posting because I would enjoy taking some advice. For the past 4 months straight I've lost motivation and feel like I have no energy to do anything including taking care of my hygiene, and i know that sounds very gross and all but, I seriously don't want to get up. I don't […]

i just need someone to listen.

(POSSIBLE TW) hi. im 17 years old and i just need to feel heard or maybe understood by someone. i feel so alone. this post will be messy bc im just going to pour out thoughts and feelings that cloud my mind constantly and i need to get them out. to give more background, i […]

Im really struggling

At the moment in my life I am really suffering with my mental health and have at least since the age of 12. I am my own worst enemy. I cannot control my thoughts or emotions even in the slightest. I have trust issues with everyone in my life because I dont know who I […]

Cw:venting need advice

Hi everyone I currently just need some advice and I’d like to express and help myself in some way if anyone could it’d mean a lot I’m a young teen (gender questioning) who has been diagnosed with asd adhd and anxiety but I have depression symptoms I live in the uk south east specially in […]

How to get evaluated for possible ADD/ADHD ?

Tldr: 27/woman diagnosed depressed/bipolar before but I think I'm undiagnosed and have been for awhile. My whole life I've been treated for depression/anxiety and later in my adult life bipolar. But it seems no matter what meds or treatment I do, only my depression and SH urges go away. I havent been able to focus […]

How to stay motivated on rainy days

Idk if it’s just me but I struggle hard on rainy days. My body is physically exhausted. Everything feels a little sore for some reason. Mentally I’m very exhausted as well. It’s hard for me to find motivation. I just wanna sleep or relax in bed the whole day. It’s been raining a few times […]

Nothing works

A while back I was diagnosed with PTSD, bipolar disorder with psychotic features, and panic disorder. They all feed off of each other leaving me in a near constant low and the manic episodes are nothing but anger, frustration, irritability and wanting to be away from everybody. I’m left constantly feeling useless, like I don’t […]