this might be a bit of a weird one

slight warning, this post mentions overdosing hey all, i hope you're all well! i just want to vent here and see if anyone else can relate to how i've been feeling lately. a bit of background first, i'm 17F from the UK and i'm diagnosed with depression, anxiety and BDD. when i wad 15 i […]

No will to live

Before I say this please let me make it clear that I don’t have any plans to kill myself. Does anyone else feel more fatigued/defeated than panicked in regards to this pandemic? I had virtually no will to live before things got “bad” a week or two ago. I never had an actual plant to […]

Need help with personal mental health

Hey people of reddit,i am currently facing a huge wall in my life,and no one(family&friends) could help me.So i decided to ask fellow gamers and humans for a solution. For the past 10 years i have been gaming a lot 6-8 hours a day and well,now i realise how much it has affected me as […]

i want to dropout.

I’ve completely lost motivation to go to school. Idk if it’s just senioritis or that I’m in a shitty place right now and struggling with my mental heath. I just can’t do anything for myself anymore. But I’m actually trying to graduate, but’s it been difficult because I can’t bring myself to even go to […]