should i seek help?

for starters, i'm new to this subreddit so I hope im not breaking any rules! I'm studying at a premier school in my country and the stress was really getting to me. It started from last year when pressure was mounting up (my grades were important in deciding certain elective programmes I could take up) […]

Accessing antidepressants in the UK

Hi there. I'm 17 (18 by the end of the year) and needing to go on antidepressants. I have been struggling with depression + severe suicidal thoughts since I was 12, among other mental illnesses, and I finally have the motivation to seek help. Does anyone know where I start? Can I just call my […]

Never motivated to do anything

I used to be depressed for many years, but I wouldn't call myself depressed at the moment. I go to work, shower daily, brush my teeth semi-regulary… and I'm not "sad" but not exactly happy either… most of the time I feel pretty numb? Empty? On days off, like today for example, I always do […]

Is life actually worth it?

I don’t know honestly. I understand life is hard on everyone and that we all have different struggles and challenges that we come across and I get it, it’s not fair on anyone. I guess lately I’ve been more down then usually, and I’ve always had a semi low mood but this time just seems […]

I Ate Dinner Tonight :D!!

My mental health has made it tremendously difficult for me to find the motivation to eat on a regular basis for a long time now, which has been especially agonizing considering I've been wanting to gain weight for a long while. It's been a really rough week and on bad days I find it way […]