Cw:venting need advice

Hi everyone I currently just need some advice and I’d like to express and help myself in some way if anyone could it’d mean a lot I’m a young teen (gender questioning) who has been diagnosed with asd adhd and anxiety but I have depression symptoms I live in the uk south east specially in […]

How to get evaluated for possible ADD/ADHD ?

Tldr: 27/woman diagnosed depressed/bipolar before but I think I'm undiagnosed and have been for awhile. My whole life I've been treated for depression/anxiety and later in my adult life bipolar. But it seems no matter what meds or treatment I do, only my depression and SH urges go away. I havent been able to focus […]

How to stay motivated on rainy days

Idk if it’s just me but I struggle hard on rainy days. My body is physically exhausted. Everything feels a little sore for some reason. Mentally I’m very exhausted as well. It’s hard for me to find motivation. I just wanna sleep or relax in bed the whole day. It’s been raining a few times […]

Nothing works

A while back I was diagnosed with PTSD, bipolar disorder with psychotic features, and panic disorder. They all feed off of each other leaving me in a near constant low and the manic episodes are nothing but anger, frustration, irritability and wanting to be away from everybody. I’m left constantly feeling useless, like I don’t […]

Why does this happen?

I’m almost constantly worrying about everything and disliking myself, and even though I know I shouldn’t, I care way too much about how others see me. I usually think I’m worthless, stupid, and a bother/inconvenience. I say “almost” and “usually” because sometimes I’ll be listening to music, and I’ll feel super good. I mean it […]

Lost and overwhelmed

Severe anxiety 24/7 Over the last year, my mental health has deteriorated. The combination of self image issues, weed dependency, and pandemic isolation, has caused my anxiety to become almost unbearable. I even get anxious around the people I’m most comfortable with including my family and best friend. When I’m talking to someone, I start […]

cant accept my bipolar diagnosis

Recently diagnosed. Doctor said that I was most likely hypomanic as of now. I feel like a fraud. Maybe this is just my personality. I'm so lost. I wrote this today: "Am I really sick?Am I just faking it for justification? Community? Wholeness? My self esteem is great today. I feel attractive. i go out […]

I overcame severe mental health issues and years of physical/mental abuse. Wrote a story on how I managed to do it with a lot of useful information.

This post is about how I managed to beat generalized anxiety, trauma, severe panic attacks and depression. Also how I healed from many years of physical and mental abuse. Hopefully this can give others a different perspective and move on as well. I had extremely abusive parents growing up; physically and mentally. My mom was […]