Accessing antidepressants in the UK

Hi there. I'm 17 (18 by the end of the year) and needing to go on antidepressants. I have been struggling with depression + severe suicidal thoughts since I was 12, among other mental illnesses, and I finally have the motivation to seek help. Does anyone know where I start? Can I just call my […]

Never motivated to do anything

I used to be depressed for many years, but I wouldn't call myself depressed at the moment. I go to work, shower daily, brush my teeth semi-regulary… and I'm not "sad" but not exactly happy either… most of the time I feel pretty numb? Empty? On days off, like today for example, I always do […]

Is life actually worth it?

I don’t know honestly. I understand life is hard on everyone and that we all have different struggles and challenges that we come across and I get it, it’s not fair on anyone. I guess lately I’ve been more down then usually, and I’ve always had a semi low mood but this time just seems […]

I Ate Dinner Tonight :D!!

My mental health has made it tremendously difficult for me to find the motivation to eat on a regular basis for a long time now, which has been especially agonizing considering I've been wanting to gain weight for a long while. It's been a really rough week and on bad days I find it way […]

I got out of severe depression by myself

I’m gonna make this as clear and simple as possible: Before: I didn’t wanna eat food (lost a lot of weight) everything tasted just meh and I never got hungry. I thought about suicide every single day. Different ways of doing it etc. Self harm. Frequently crying etc. I don’t deal with any of that […]