Monday Motivation – December 16th

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great Monday and start of the week. It’s Doc Michael Lezuo here, your guest editor for this edition of Monday Motivation. I’m a Chiropractor at the Kew and Tooting clinics and am originally from Italy. London is such a great place with lots to offer, though sometimes it can be a bit […]

Monday Motivation – October 21st

Good morning wonderful people, There’s a little challenge at the bottom of this email… It’s rare that a day goes by without some degree of seemingly crazy going on. It could be the most recent Trump tweet, a new climate change revelation or the looming spectre of Brexit – whatever it is, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little despondent […]

Monday Motivation – September 30th

Hi everyone, I’ve settled back into life in the UK this week, after the trip Luke and I made to the US. Chicago was great, friendly, good weather and the people were pretty chilled. But since returning, I’ve had a sense of gratitude for everything we have here in the UK. Family (thanks Gail for […]

Monday Motivation – September 23rd

Hi everyone from the US of A! The Midwest, Chicago, more specifically… Doc Craig and I have been over here for the week to spend time with colleagues and learn a little bit more about the Chiropractic landscape as it currently stands in the US. Of course, it hasn’t been all work – we managed to […]