‘Dumb jocks’ work smarter by working out

You know the feeling as you’re walking into PE class… The dread of sprints, the fear of dodgeball, the annoying showoffs who can somehow run a mile in under ten minutes without keeling over and dying on the spot from exertion. Unbearable, right? Or maybe you were actually athletic — unlike me — and loved PE! You were sporty […]

10 brain books you should read in 2019

What’s on your “to-read” list this year? Here are a few books that I’ve read (or plan to in 2019) chosen based on research rigour, chosen, publication date (the last year or two) and practical application. In other words: these books synthesise the most compelling brain science and smart ideas emerging from the research lab […]

Does eating chocolate improve your brain function?

Thanks to Dr Amy Reichelt for this tasty article!  Amy’s research focuses on addictive memories, reward, motivation and behavioural control. She’s particularly interested in how diet impacts on behaviour and the formation of memories, and how our environments change how we react and learn about certain events. Read more of her work in The Conversation.  Does eating chocolate improve your brain […]