Monday Motivation – December 16th

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great Monday and start of the week. It’s Doc Michael Lezuo here, your guest editor for this edition of Monday Motivation. I’m a Chiropractor at the Kew and Tooting clinics and am originally from Italy. London is such a great place with lots to offer, though sometimes it can be a bit […]

[For Sale & Items Offered in ED] Boyfriend’s Vinyl Collection FS – need quick sale SE5 Burgess Park

I’m selling my boyfriend’s vinyl collection. Please don’t tell him…joking, he knows. Really he does. There are about 150 records in total. I can’t vouch for his taste. He says they are "90’s techno and rave". Another EDF poster commented that there was noting particularly "leftfield" in the collection. That may not be an issue […]