6 Hip Opening Stretches To Do During Pregnancy

Stretching and exercise is so important during pregnancy. Why, you ask? Well, now that you’re carrying around extra weight and fluids, it can make you feel sore, tired and downright uncomfortable. Stretching during your pregnancy helps relieve your aching joints, reduce muscle tension, relieve lower back pain, increase flexibility, help you relax, and, BEST of all, better […]

What Your Pregnancy Dreams Are Telling You (Plus How to Sleep More Soundly)

Sleeping during pregnancy can be tough—even if you don’t suffer from straight-up pregnancy insomnia. During any given night, you have to use the bathroom no less than four times, you’re tossing and turning, and your hips are sore from sleeping on your side. Add vivid, heart-pounding pregnancy dreams to the mix, and getting through the night can feel […]