KosAbility: Internalized ableism is a consequence of an ableist society. Let’s dismantle both

Ableism is pervasive in society, accepted as normal and “how things are,” because too many people are oblivious to the myriad ways systemic ableism determines how we build out human spaces and interact. Even if you aren’t disabled, read on—everyone contributes to internalized ableism, or the ableism disabled people apply to themselves, because it comes from society. Ableism can be defined as “stereotyping, […]

Justice Department demands info on ‘Anonymous’ Trump critic

Donald Trump’s Justice Department really, really wants to know what administration official wrote the upcoming book A Warning, to follow last year’s anonymous New York Times op-ed about how top Trump administration officials “are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” With the book set to be released later in November, the […]

Linking Music To The Heart Of A Child

Music is powerful and persuasive. It touches one’s emotion, motivation, creativity and relaxation. It has the soothing effect that can calm our mental nerves. It inspires you to do something new and productive. It gives you ideas. It lulls you to sleep. The list is definitely endless. Music is many things. It makes us happy, […]