UK academics must stand up to stop universities becoming sweatshops | Steven Jones

Employment practices akin to dubious fashion outlets mean qualified professionals are used as poorly paid casual labour When senior academics go on strike, it is not usually because of financial hardship. Pay, while modest, is comfortable. Instead, academics’ motivation to strike runs much deeper: universities have been fast-tracked towards a market system that sits uneasily […]

Draft USPSTF statement on screening for illicit drug use requires major revisions

It may surprise some observers that for its first quarter century, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force did not post draft research plans, recommendation statements or systematic reviews online for public comments. Instead, these documents were developed and discussed on private conference calls and voted on at invitation-only Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality meetings, […]

How is Photography Affecting Us?

In the past two decades, most people went from not carrying a camera to always having a smartphone camera with them at all times. With millions upon millions of photos shot (and shared) every single day, how is this explosion in photography affecting us? Here’s a 10-minute video by WIRED that explores that question. To […]

In Between: Playing Against Cancer

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, an arcade fan, or have never played a video game before, cancer can hit anyone. In fact, the number of cancer diagnoses is steadily rising. We want to introduce you to the game In Between because developer Gentlymad and publisher Headup Games offers a journey into the thoughts of a man suffering from cancer; an […]

Invincible – Motivational Video | A Life Changing Speech

NEW motivational video from RedFrost Motivation! Subscribe for more: Facebook: Instagram: **Please support the artists in this video MOVIES: Cinderella Man Atonement Genius MUSIC: Whitesand – Circle of Life SPEECH: If – Rudyard Kipling SPEAKER: Oliver Álain Christie original video: ——————————- Copyright Notice: We make these videos with the intention of […]