A Spiritual Journey

Memoir I Forward: This is a personal account of spiritual events that have occurred in my life over the past four years. This is difficult for me, and I may hold anxiety, but I believe it is important to share. I’m not making claims to know anything for certain and would not dismiss any skepticism. […]

Hi everyone, long term meditator and ex Buddhist Monk here. I am creating a detailed video compilation of everything we need to know about meditation. You MUST take a look to see if your practice can be further optimized to build greater concentration and mindfulness.

Please let me know if you would like me to cover any areas that I may have missed. I would really appreciate as much feedback, positive or negative, so I can improve my content. Above all else, I hope you find something useful here that can aid your practice and journey. Much metta =) Part […]

idk what i’m gonna do with my life

long story short i dropped out of highschool (for completely valid reasons, not just bc i didn’t like it) and now i’m feeling stuck. i don’t regret dropping out, i was completely miserable and it was getting bad. i just feel very depressed lately and have no motivation to do anything. i used to be […]

Refusing happiness?

Bit of background : always been depressive, anxious, panic attacks in the past few years, lonely until about 35 year old, then started dating a few girls, and found someone I actually fell in love with (whatever love is, I believe this is it, as we both feel totally free and ourselves with each other, […]