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Hello Loves!!! I’ve been trying to start up my business on instagram, but it’s been slow since it’s (to me) a hard platform to reach out on. Also I’ve been kind of shit at posting too, since I’ve had a hard time being motivated to do so (evil circle.) So I thought, what better way […]

Very curious what you guys think about psychiatric medication in conjunction with self-discovery and spiritual awakening

After years of depression, derealisation and anxiety, I've spent the last year medicated with an antidepressant, an antipsychotic and a mood stabiliser (recently came off the antipsychotic). I have learned a LOT about myself and have swung between a lot of significant realisations about my perception of the world, approaches in dealing with my emotions […]

The 3 Pillars Of Manifestation

There are three primary pillars of manifestation. When you understand all three and use them properly you will be able to get amazing results in your life! The reason most people get small sporadic results is because they have not been taught how to use all three pillars properly. Occasionally they may accidentally do so, […]