2020 Essential Guide to Sport-Specific Training

Sport-specific training is a constant topic of discussion among athletes, parents, and coaches. For our team at Velocity, it comes up daily in settings from local performance centers to our coaches at Olympic training facilities. While some performance coaches scoff at the idea of sport-specific training, we think it’s a great thing to discuss. It […]

Stay Disciplined

If you’re familiar with this blog, you’ve likely seen me discuss discipline and motivation before. One of the most popular articles I ever wrote was actually a short piece on the subject (see here). Yet, even popular articles eventually become distant memories as new content is delivered online. Unfortunately, much of that content has little […]

Exercise In the Great Outdoors

Remember when you were a kid and you used to go outside to “play.” Now, as an adult, you go inside (to the gym) to “work out.” With all of the undeniable health and fitness benefits the modern day gym culture has brought us, it seems we’ve developed a disconnect between gym exercise and physical […]