TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND – Derren Brown (everyone can do it)

This inspirational video can be an eye-opening one for you. It brings a fresh perspective on personal development and self-help and focuses on finding peace at the moment you are now.

► About The Message In The Video
Sometimes in life we must fight not only without fear, but also without hope. 

►Background On The Video
This video is a collaboration with our friends at The School Of Greatness. He has given us exclusive permission to remix this video in order to inspire more and motivate more people around the world with the power of video editing and the beauty of music.

►The Speaker
Derren Brown

He is known as the English mentalist, illusionist, but he is also an author.

►Where To Lewis Howes

►More from us at Absolute Motivation




►The Background Music
Our private composer has created the music exclusively of this video tracks in this video are listed below:

►The Footage
The footage has been licenced

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