‘The Circle’ Winner DeLeesa St. Agathe Steps Into The Shade Room To Tell Us How She Pulled Off Her Shocking $100,000-Dollar Win, Celebrating Black Families On YouTube & More! [Exclusive]

#Roommates, if you’re a fan of Netflix’s hit reality competition series ‘The Circle,’ then you know by now that the latest season featured an incredible twist, courtesy of winner DeLeesa St. Agathe, who shocked fans with an expert strategy for playing the game to the tune of $100,000. We caught up with DeLeesa to find out how she pulled off winning the series and what’s next for her and her growing family!

Diving right into her killing the competition and ultimately winning ‘The Circle,’ we asked DeLeesa if she expected to win from the beginning and what it was like competing at such a high-stakes level. “To be real, as competitive as I am, I was hoping I’d get at least to the finale. That was really my number 1 goal because it’s so hard to even get picked for a show like this, to even make it to the finale, let alone win, chances are slim to none. For me it was emotional AF. It was fun, yet stressful, you’re constantly trying to build your strategy, you’re in isolation, I missed my family but yet everything was so exciting lol, let’s just say my ugly cry face made more than 1 appearance,” she explained to us.

She also gave us a bit of insight into her strategy for winning the game, including pulling off the twist no one saw coming. DeLeesa said, “I didn’t want to be considered a weak player or too much of a strong player. My strategy was to get people to like me enough that they felt they could trust me but at the same time they also wouldn’t see me as a threat to their game. Then ban, outta nowhere the underdog comes up on top. Give the people what they want!” As for her future in reality TV, she revealed she would definitely be down to give it another try if the opportunity presented itself.

However, winning ‘The Circle’ isn’t the only thing that DeLeesa St. Agathe has on her full plate these days, including her family YouTube channel with husband Trevor and their children. She elaborated on motivation to enter the YouTube space a few years ago.

“Me & my husband “real Trevor” started our YouTube channel back in 2018 right before we got married. We’ve been together since 2017 and it’s been one hell of a ride. We are the definition of a millennial couple now turned family, making it work. So our YouTube channel embodies all of that. We keep it real and raw, entertaining and loving. We don’t sugarcoat nothing. We argue on camera and love each other just the same. We don’t get to see enough of the millennial black love that pushes and fights through challenges. That’s why we created our YouTube channel.”

Finally, DeLeesa is all about being a businesswoman and has several projects in the works, including an upcoming children’s book and continuing to work on her businesses, BeUniqueShoppe.com and co-owner of GoodieBoxStore.com. While we’re waiting for season three of ‘The Circle,’ we’ll continue to rewatch DeLeesa pulling off the perfect win that had all of America cheering.


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