The difference 20lbs can make

First picture May 2018, second picture last week.

I was never particularly big, got away with being called curvy but definitely had the extra weight in unfavourable places, such as my face. Because of this, there was little motivation to change myself because friends and family would reassure me my weight was fine because I wasn't 'big' as some people even though I was unhappy with it.

I wasn't particularly aware of my weight even though it was a constant bother to me so I never weighed myself back then, but I can probably estimate I was around 172lbs. Towards the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 I added some light exercise and became more conscious of what I ate, but not calorie counting.

Start of June this year I started following r/1200isplenty sub, so cutting my calorie intake down to 1200, while adding in 4 days of cardio. Beginning of August I started strength training with a split routine 4 days a week, with cardio 5 days and a my evening sport hobby. I'm offically 16lbs from counting, but I can roughly add a bit more onto that from what I didn't track.

This has been a private journey for me, I figured I'd focus on myself and wait for people to notice without telling them I was aiming to lose a bit. But after going through my phone and finding this old picture I just wanted to share my face gains as I haven't taken any progress pictures because quite frankly I didn't want to see myself in that state willingly. The more recent one was to my mum for trying a pair of jeans 2 sizes down to my usual size!

It's difficult to see the changes in your own body, no matter how small, and it's the same for people who see you everyday. So it's nice to finally see progress. Just wanted to share this small achievement with you all. Thank you!

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