The most REAL advice you will get on Motivation, Success & Life

#SundayNightRant 8July2018: This weeks #SundayNightRant is Emil Juresic interviewing me. The most REAL advice you will get on motivation, success & life. I open up on private matters in this raw and open interview:
00:39 – The secret to life success
02:02 – What I learned each time I was diagnosed with cancer
04:43 – The most important thing a conscious human being can have
05:21 – How I stay motivated
06:30 – When did real estate become my passion?
08:05 – Best advice for new agents entering into Real Estate
09:03 – How has technology screwed up a lot of agents?
09:50 – How I deal with haters
11:46 – Best advice to someone who tried something and failed
12:33 – What’s next for Tom Panos?

Real Estate Gym:

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