This Ab-Strengthening Plank Workout Is 100% Hard but 100% Good – Here’s How to Do It

Some people love to train abs for vanity, but I love to train abs for strength (about 20 percent of my motivation is for vanity purposes). There are a lot of different ab exercises you can do for a strong core, but some of the best ones are basic exercises like planks. I like planks because they strengthen your transversus abdominis, a deep core muscle that acts like a girdle, improves your stability, and, as a result, prevents lower-back pain.

The ab workout that’s about to kick your butt came from Dustin Enriquez, a head coach at Gloveworx in New York City. This workout is so good, I wish I came up with it. It is quick and will target your deep core muscles and obliques like no other. With repetition, you should notice a significant improvement in your core strength. Check it out ahead.


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The Four-Minute Ab Workout

This ab workout should be completed with no rest in between each exercise. If you need to rest, try to take no more than 30 seconds in between each exercise.

Repeat three rounds of the following exercises:

Elbow plank: 30 seconds
High plank: 30 seconds

Repeat one round of the following exercises:

Side elbow plank (left): 30 seconds
Side elbow plank (right): 30 seconds


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