this might be a bit of a weird one

slight warning, this post mentions overdosing

hey all, i hope you're all well!

i just want to vent here and see if anyone else can relate to how i've been feeling lately. a bit of background first, i'm 17F from the UK and i'm diagnosed with depression, anxiety and BDD. when i wad 15 i was prescribed sertraline, didn't work for me at all but i was scared to speak up about it and ended up staying on it for almost 2 years, it took me attempting to overdose and having to sit in a hospital by myself all day for me to finally speak up and i've been switched to fluoxetine.

here's the thing. the new medication i'm on is working so well, im not sure what to do with myself. i've never known a life where i can just get up and feel like a person (ish, still getting there). it's such a weird concept to me that now i'm like, well what now? yknow? especially with this pandemic. i just don't know what to do with myself lmao. i get pretty bad nighttime anxiety (i always have , that seems to be when my overthinking is at its worst) so it always seems to be at night where i feel like i NEED to be hustling and doing shit but i just CANT and i dont know WHAT to do like ??? i'm trying to look after mysrlf more with skincare and such but ive never known the feeling of wanting to do normal things and having that motivation and it just feels so weird. has anyone else experienced this when recovering?

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