Trying to tackle my lack of motivation and anxiety which are stopping me from achieving my dreams.

I am an extremely ambitious person. I would say my dreams for the future are what keep me going in life. But I've realised the problems that are keeping me from perusing them are caused by my mental health.

First of all, I have diagnosed anxiety disorder. I get anxious a lot and very easily. This stops me from perusing certain aspirations of mine becuase I have an anxiety attack about it. Or, I get anxious about something else in my life and it it distracts me from my aspirations.

The second issue is, well, I never stick with one aspiration long enough to get anywhere with it. I lose interest after about a week of being wholeheartedly devoted.

What can I do about these two things? Im especially looking for information about the second issue. Because I have some ideas about the anxiety as I feel that is a more common issue but I have no idea where the lack of motivation is coming from and how to fix it.

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