Vikings Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Murder Most Foul

Ivar better watch his back. 

Now that he’s king, he has more enemies than he probably even realizes. 

He may have had Margarethe killed on Vikings Season 5 Episode 12, but little does he know, the damage she caused may have already been done. 

Margrethe - Vikings Season 5 Episode 12

The question is, does Hvitserk really have the courage to kill Ivar?

He claims he’s not a coward, but he’s still with Ivar despite showing signs that he regrets choosing his side. I don’t see Hvitserk plotting to murder his brother, but if the right opportunity presented itself, I wouldn’t put it past him. He’s not going to be happy when he finds out Ivar had Margarethe killed. 

Ivar is not kind to you. In the end, he will kill you. So the only choice my love is to kill him first. You are not a coward, are you?


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Will Ivar eventually kill Hvitserk? We know he’s capable of it, but Ivar doesn’t normally kill without motivation. He has no reason to kill another brother right now, and I don’t think he sees Hvitserk as any sort of threat. 

It will be interesting to see if Margarethe’s death lights a fire in Hvitserk’s belly. He’s been mostly a sidekick, and of all the brothers, he’s the least likely to stand up for himself. It would be a nice change of pace if we get to see him express true anger. 

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Ivar is obviously the most unhinged, but he’s not the only one that acts without considering the consequences. 

What is Bjorn doing?

They dodged a bullet when Alfred decided to make a deal with them rather than cutting off their heads and serving them on a platter. Despite that, Bjorn is doing everything he can to screw it up. 

Lagertha and Bjorn - Vikings Season 5 Episode 12

How does it not occur to him that sleeping with the woman who is meant to be Alfred’s wife is not a good idea?

I don’t care what Rollo says, Bjorn is definitely Ragnar’s son. Neither of them thinks with their brains when beautiful women are present.

This can’t end well. 

Alfred: There are important people here who do not want me to grant land to those who in the past have attacked and raided us. Ubbe: So why would we fight for you when everything you say is just a lie?Alfred: I am not lying. I am being more honest with you than you have any right to expect. You have thrown yourself upon my mercy, so do not presume anymore upon my charity. When I can, I will grant you that land.

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Alfred is proving to be a strong and fair king. Keeping his word and the word of his grandfather is important to him. Bjorn and Ubbe really should be thankful he didn’t just decide to kill them and be patient for their land. 

Alfred has every intention of honoring their deal, but he also can’t afford to look weak as a brand new king. Patience isn’t exactly a strong suit of the Vikings, but it would serve them well to give it a try. If Alfred finds out Bjorn is sleeping with his soon-to-be wife, he will have to renege on the deal.

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The majority of the kingdom already has a problem with him treating the Vikings as honored guests. What will they think if what Bjorn did gets out and Alfred doesn’t take swift action?

I don’t think Bjorn will be killed, but he might be banished. Will he bring the rest of the group down with him?

Heahmund - Vikings Season 5 Episode 12

I can’t blame the girl for being infatuated with Bjorn or for respecting that men and women fight side by side in their culture. She’s never seen anything like them before. Still, that doesn’t excuse her poor decision, and Alfred is not going to be too happy with her either. 

What’s Ubbe going to decide?

Would he really consider converting to Christianity? Bjorn would never do it, that’s been established, but Ubbe is not Bjorn, and he does actually think things through. 

It’s hard to see Ubbe going against Bjorn though. He feels he owes him, and Bjorn would absolutely view it as a betrayal. I also don’t see Ubbe choosing to renounce his culture. 

It’s an interesting dilemma he faces, and Bjorn’s actions making their situation worse than it already was could potentially influence his decision.

Harald: This is all about the kingship. He takes a wife, produces an heir, and then in his eyes, Kattegat is his forever.Hvitserk: A good plan, except for one thing. Harald: What one thing?Margrethe: He can’t produce children. He is boneless.

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Are we assuming Freydis is going to get pregnant with someone else and convince Ivar it’s his?

He already believes she’s with child and is telling everybody. For all we know, Freydis was already pregnant when she first seduced Ivar. 

Ivar is too smart to fall for this, isn’t he? But as previously mentioned, this family is not known for thinking with their brains when it comes to women. 

Alfred and Aethelred - Vikings Season 5 Episode 12

Heahmund is a conflicting character, isn’t he?

His words and actions don’t exactly complement each other. 

He claims to be a Christian and believes the Church’s teachings, but that doesn’t stop him from committing murder. In his mind, he’s probably justifying it by telling himself he’s defending his king. 

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Maybe he is, but that’s not why he’s doing it. 

He wants his title back, and he has just proven that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it. He wants to continue his relationship with Lagertha, and his motivation was to ensure that secret didn’t get out. If it does, he’ll never be a bishop again.

Assuming he gets away with murder, will Alfred make him Bishop again? He may not be the most popular choice being that he’s the one who brought the Pagans to England. We’ll see how this all works out. 

Do you guys think he’ll get his title back? Will Ubbe convert? Should Ivar be worried about Hvitserk? Hit the comments and don’t forget to watch Vikings online!

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