Vitamins and Food.

Im using my self as an example. I was 6ft 3 155 pounds now 160i was maybe eating 1 meal a day ect malnourished asf not getting any vitamins or any proper nutrition what so ever.ive sense been fixing my nutrition and im now at 160 pounds and feeling better overall.i purchased a mass gainer that has a shit ton of vitamins and from my understanding I was deficient in possibly all le vitamins. my testosterone use to be tanked but as i started my self improvement it has gone up and my last test was before ive gotten my nutrition fixed.

my question is how much do vitamin deficiency's really effect us and what are the benefits of getting all the daily recommended values? when you went from practically having none at all?

a few examples of how i feel now is Im no longer depressed my energy is up motivation focus overall feeling of just being healthy im curious if thats to my self improvement or the vitamin intake? apologizes if its a stupid question I am a stupid person who just wants to learn as much as possible now lol.

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