Walking Dead’s New Show Being 2 Seasons Is Good For Rick Grimes’ Movies

The Walking Dead is gearing up to debut its latest spinoff series titled World Beyond – but the fact that it might only run for two seasons is good for the upcoming Rick Grimes movies. The series, created by Scott M. Gimple, serves as the third title within The Walking Dead universe. The Walking Dead originally premiered in 2010 and was based on Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels of the same name. Due to the show’s popularity, the first spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, was launched in 2015. With a series of feature films planned to follow one-time protagonist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), World Beyond’s limited run could serve as the perfect lead-in to the big screen expansion.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond was first announced in 2018 before it was given a 10-episode order in mid-2019. Matthew Negrete is working alongside Gimple to serve as the showrunner. World Beyond will follow a new set of characters in Nebraska ten years after the apocalypse ravaged the world. It will feature two female protagonists in a coming-of-age tale depicting how this new world could lead someone to become either a hero or a villain.

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The interesting aspect of World Beyond is the fact that the upcoming series will only last two seasons (or, at least, that’s what’s been expected from AMC’s announcement). This will be far shorter than its sister series, seeing as The Walking Dead is currently in season 10 where Fear the Walking Dead is heading into season 6. Even more interesting is the detail featured in World Beyond’s first teaser, suggesting that a selection of characters are connected to the group that took Rick by helicopter in The Walking Dead season 9. Considering World Beyond has a clear-cut story arc set in place with a 20-episode maximum, they could be building to Rick’s return in the form of the franchise’s feature films.

It’s been over a year since Lincoln exited The Walking Dead with the announcement that a trilogy of movies focused on the character was on the way. Details regarding the films have been few and far between, but Gimple has assured fans that a script is coming together. The first teaser for the first Walking Dead movie arrived during San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and it’s assumed the group who dons the three-ring symbol will be key to the plot. World Beyond could connect those missing blanks and reveal Rick’s location or at least explain the motivation behind the helicopter crew.

With World Beyond set a decade after the initial outbreak, the timeline could match with Rick’s disappearance following the time-jump in The Walking Dead. Following the conclusion of season 10, the franchise will shift to World Beyond’s debut on April 12. Season 2 of the spinoff could very well air in early 2021 during The Walking Dead season 11’s midseason break. If that’s the case, then the first untitled Rick Grimes movie could be aiming for a late 2021 theatrical release. By the end of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, fans will have a better idea of what the movie might have in store and who else will possibly be involved.

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