War, virus, recession … nothing can stop the tech giants from growing

Tesla, recent recruit to the $100bn club, must be hoping it will become as unassailable as the likes of Amazon and Apple

Even in our age of tech billionaires, Elon Musk’s potential pay packet from Tesla is eyecatching. If the Californian carmaker’s average market value stays above $100bn (£76bn) for six months, he will be eligible for stock options worth $350m. It breached the $100bn barrier last week, so the clock is ticking. If Musk can pump the manufacturer to a $650bn valuation, his reward could reach $50bn. That is not a typo: a five followed by 10 zeros.

So Musk doesn’t lack for motivation. This week will offer the first test of that new $100bn valuation, when Tesla joins Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft in a barrage of US tech companies reporting earnings for the last three months of 2019. If Wall Street analysts are to be believed, records will be sent tumbling by the tech giants’ numbers.

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