What is White Hat Hackers?


What does White Hat Hacker Mean?

A white hat hacker is a computer security specialist who breaks into protected systems and networks to test and access their security. All hackers are not malicious. The skills of some of the hackers are used to protect the systems or networks against attackers. The skills of the hackers used to attack the systems or networks to steal the data, break down the network, etc. are called black hat hackers. If there are any weaknesses in security, these hackers constantly work to find out them and try to fix them before they are found by the black hat hackers and they can exploit them. Businesses employ white hat hackers to access and improve the security of the organization.

Is White Hat Hacking Illegal?

These hackers are also called ethical hackers. The technique to determine if the systems in the organization are secure or not is called penetration testing. Penetration testing is performed by the white hat hackers hired by the organization. Without penetration testing performed by the hackers, the organization would not know their weaknesses in security and cannot set up a defense against the cyber criminals trying to exploit the weaknesses of the organization.

The answer to the question if white hat hacking is legal or illegal is, it depends. The organization hiring a white hat hacker and gives authorization to the white hat hacker to check the security defenses of the organization justifies its action of hiring the white hat hacker and its action of giving authorization to the hacker to check all the security vulnerabilities of the organization by saying that it is the legal protection for the organization and it is in the best interest of the organization.

Companies grant permission to the hired white hat hackers to break into the system to identify the weaknesses in the security of the organization. In doing so, the hackers would have broken many laws with respect to the security of the organization, but the organization does not take this into account as white hat hacking is done in the best interest of the organization. The hackers do not bother about the laws they are breaking in the process of identifying the weaknesses and setting up the defense against these weaknesses to protect the organization from cybercriminals.

What are the Skills of White Hat Hackers?

The security departments of big organizations or the organizations of cybersecurity employ white hat hackers. They know how the cybercriminals find out the weaknesses in the security of the organization and how they operate to exploit the weaknesses, hence they know how to prevent the attacks caused by the cybercriminals. Bug bounties are offered by the big giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. as a reward to the hackers or researchers if they discover the network security holes. By such discovery, the companies can build a wall against the loopholes thereby protecting themselves against the cyber-attacks by cybercriminals.

The motivation for hackers is their curiosity to understand how things work, sneaking around into security systems and finding a way to break down the system. Being a white hat hacker, they will have to make a report of what they have explored with respect to the security of the organization and abide by the laws of the organization. There are white hat hackers whose genuine motivation is to eradicate cyber-attacks and cybercriminals thereby making this world a more private and secure place.

Money and career are another motivating factor for white hat hackers to perform hacking. These hackers make a huge amount of cash with a career in penetration testing. Similarly, bug bounties program offered by the big giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. as a reward to the hackers or researchers if they discover the network security holes is also huge.

Top White Hat Hackers

Ethical hacking or white-hat hacking is a state of mind, an urge to use their talents for a good purpose, to make the world a secure place than to make money. There are some of the white hat hackers who have influenced in a great way to make the world a better place. They are:

1. Tim Berners-Lee

The founder of the world wide web is Berner-Lee, he is the most famous in the world of computer science. Today he is the director of world wide web consortium.

2. Greg Hoglund

Hoglund is a computer forensics expert, he is known for his contributions in the detection of malware, rootkits, online games hacking, etc.

3. Richard M Stallman

Richard M Stallman is one of the great examples. GNU project is a software project available for free with respect to the use of computers and was founded by Richard M Stallman. The free software movement was founded by Stallman in the 1980’s with the idea that cooperation must be extended by the computers and they should not hinder cooperation.

4. Dan Kaminsky

White ops is a firm to detect activities of malware vis JavaScript. The chief scientist of white ops is Dan Kaminsky. Dan Kaminsky is a popular figure in the world of cybersecurity. The fundamental flow in Domain Name System (DNS) was discovered by Dan Kaminsky. The protocol of the Domain Name System (DNS) allows widespread cache poisoning attacks to be performed by the hackers.

5. Jeff Moss

White hat hacker Jeff Moss is well known for his cyber skills. He worked in the U.S Homeland security advisory council under the administration of Barack Obama and was the co-chairman of the council’s task force. Black hat and DEFCON hacker conferences were founded by him. He is the commissioner on the stability of cyberspace at the global commission.


The permission and intention behind hacking are the main aspects that differentiate a white hat hacker from a black hat hacker. The security defenses of the company are tested by the white hat hacker with the permission of the company and a report regarding the vulnerabilities is provided to the company in a responsible manner by the white hat hacker. A black hate hacker does not have permission, good intentions and he won’t disclose the vulnerabilities with respect to security in the organization.

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