What would you say to a 14/15 year old facing depression

Hi! I’m a 14 almost 15 year old and I seriously think I’m struggling with depression? It’s not diagnosed but I constantly have this uncomfortable feeling in my chest and I act so anti-social even though I know I enjoy socialising/having friends. I constantly feel gloomy, and when I’m hanging with a group of ppl I always feel uncomfortable and like I have to act up to a certain expectation. I feel empty but at the same time full of pain and idk what to do with myself. My grades have dropped and I have no motivation to study (which is weird bc I love studying and learning) Everything just feels dull and I have nowhere to go with my problems.

This has probs been going on since I started highschool.

Can some one substantially older than me and is doing okay / know what to say give me some ways to healthily deal with this please??? Or it can be anyone in general. I just really need help right now I’m feeling so many negative emotions and idk how to handle/deal with them in the proper way.

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