What’s Our Race Plan, Am I Nervous & This IS a Problem?

Turns out running feels a million times harder without carbs than with carbs in your system.  It really has been so nice to do this entire training cycle with Emilee because we are going through this all together and that motivates me to not quit.. her doing the carb depletion too makes it a little bit easier to stick with it!

8 miles for the morning and a good chunk of that on snow and then pausing our gamins a million times to walk over the ice… and tree trunks.

IMG 1650

Thank you Utah for waiting until this week to be crazy outside because I don’t know how we would have gotten in some of these hard workouts the last few weeks in these conditions.  We just have one more fast mile to do this afternoon and right after that, the carb depletion is over so I might just have to have a bowl of pasta waiting for us where we end the mile.

IMG 1651

Rewind to the morning and when I woke up I had a pain on my side and I reached to see what it was and it was just Minnie.  I slept on her all night and she left quite the imprint in my skin ha.  Thank you Skye for that.

IMG 1641

Skye and I visited my grandma and then did a few errands before stopping at Trader Joe’s specifically for these peppermint marshmallows that one of you told me about.  I can’t wait for a mug of hot chocolate and these tonight.  Of course I left with more holiday themed items that I wasn’t planning on.

IMG 1660

Skye got a new pair of boots so that was the highlight of her day.

IMG 1672

Along with finally having her big sis back.

IMG 1679 2

Time to put the ladder away on Knox’s bunk bed!

IMG 1539

PS Skye hides.  A lot.  She has gotten to the point that she can hide in the craziest places and remain completely silent for a very long time.  We now turn on the house alarm ANYTIME we are home because we are so worried about her sneaking out and hiding outside!  If we can’t find her then we can usually get her out of her hiding spot by offering something Elsa related but other than that… she is SO sneaky and silent when she is hiding.  I found her under my bed the other day after searching everywhere for her.

We need to train Beretta to find her.

IMG 1267


5 DAYS until CIM.  I can’t even believe it!

Let’s talk about our game plan:  2:44 is the goal!


Emilee and I are planning on doing the Amy and Shalane thing😉 and running the entire race together.  Emilee has done CIM a few times so that will be really awesome for our pacing and the two of us just work really well together.  It’s crazy how much we are able to pull the other one along when one of us is struggling.  I’m not sure I would know how to race a marathon any other way now!

Us olympic marathon trials results team amy cragg shalane flanagan

We are looking to go out for the first miles between 6:20-6:30 and then work our way down.  I have no idea what the pacers will be doing but our coach things that will be the best plan for how we run… NEGATIVE SPLITS.   Our goal is to have a 6:16 average pace at the end which sounds kind of crazy when I type it out!

One difference between St. George and CIM will be in the final 10k.  We both finished St. George feeling like we had a few more miles left in us (mainly because we kind of had CIM in the back of our heads and wanted to bounce back quickly).  On December 8th, we are leaving it ALL on the course and I am sure the final 10k is going to hurt a whole lot more but that’s okay (also because the last 10k is flat and not the downhill in a few of the miles of St. George’s last 10k).  There is also going to be a lot more people at CIM so that will be a different experience for us to race with too.  I’m just really hoping that my 20 years of altitude training will pay off at sea level haha.


As of today, I’m not nervous.  I can honestly say I put all I could into my running this year (while keeping family first:) so there is nothing else for me to do but to go do my best.  It’s nice feeling that I gave it my all and I can’t wait to see what that equals on Sunday!  But I’m sure the nerves will start to kick in a bit more in the next few days!

Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me during all of this race training this year.  It has definitely been my favorite year of running ever and I can’t wait to finish the year off perfectly with this race!


Anyone living/training at high altitude notice a big difference when racing at sea level?

Who has a race this month?  What about a birthday this month?

Anyone else with a little one (now or in the past) that really loves to hide?

Running in the snow… YES PLEASE or NO WAY!?

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