Why You Didn’t Succeed Today

You’re worried about lead generation when you should be worried about pursuing strategic targets, your dream clients, the ones who would value tremendously from what you sell.
You’re concerned about what marketing is doing when what should command your attention is what you need to do to create and win new opportunities.
You spend your time distracted by US politics instead of focused on the few things that actually improve your results, like your task list and your effort.
The priorities of other people that were delivered to your email inbox received more of your attention today than your priorities, a recipe for missing your goals.
The snooze button on your alarm clock took 27 minutes from you this morning and that was more time you spent prospecting. You chose comfort over success.
If you know more about Khloe and her life than what’s going on with the contacts in your dream clients, you are not likely to displace your competitor any time soon.

Some of the people around you infect you with their small thinking and their cynicism because you aren’t breathing fire and taking the massive action that would infect them with your mindset—or drive them away from you.
You’re waiting for someone to motivate you when real motivation only comes from wanting something enough that you start chasing it the minute your feet hit the floor.
You’re afraid of calling and interrupting your dream client because some so-called “social guru” on LinkedIn told you that makes you Blake from Glenn Ross, when you should be afraid of your competitor doing exactly what you are afraid to do.

Fear. Excuses. Distractions. Things that feel like work but are not work. If you want to success, you have to avoid all the things on this list.

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