Will it be fixed or removable?

A modern day orthodontist Stoke-on-Trent has the ability to offer their patients a whole host of different treatment plans when it comes to straightening their teeth or realigning their bite.

This means that children and adults alike are able to have their expectations met throughout and after their teeth straightening journey, making the entire process a whole lot more enjoyable.

The needs of a child to an adult differ when it comes to oral health care, especially should braces be needed, which generally tend to be a relatively lengthy procedure. For children, it is important to ensure that the treatment provides the best possible outcome so that they can enjoy a normal and healthy smile as quickly as possible.

Teenagers and adults may have hang-ups about their appearance throughout the procedure, especially when it comes to traditional, fixed devices. Adults may be under the impression that their professional and personal ventures could be disrupted as they straighten their teeth if the device is not discrete enough.


Discrete options

Thankfully, discrete, convenient options are available for those who need them, allowing everyone who needs to straighten their teeth the confidence to do so.

Such discrete options can be fixed or removable. Fixed options can be attached to the front of the teeth like traditional options are, but made from a ceramic material that is the same colour as teeth.

The one truly invisible option is yet another fixed device and is attached to the back of a patient’s teeth. These lingual braces are not suitable for everyone, so if this is something of interest, it is important that an individual discusses this option with their dentist so that they are able to determine whether they are viable for this kind of treatment.


Perhaps one of the more popular options for both teenagers and adults is the removable device known as Invisalign. Enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, there is a huge support base available and the research is constantly evolving meaning that the treatment plan itself is on point and relevant.

Because Invisalign needs to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours each day in order to be effective, a person’s willingness to go through this teeth straightening journey and their motivation to stick with the plan is critical for success. If the idea of wearing aligners is intriguing yet there is a hesitancy surrounding one’s motivation, perhaps the indicator system that allows patients to see whether they are wearing their device for long enough each day would be an important addition. These features and many more are available upon request, ensuring that the teeth straightening treatment plan is tailor made to suit the individual’s needs.

By straightening teeth, people can enjoy an improved state of health, not only emotionally, but physically as well. This is because straightened teeth are easier to clean as there are no hard to reach places where teeth are tightly packed together or crossed over. Teeth are also simply able to work as they should, which has a positive flow-on effect for an individual’s entire smile and health.

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