Can you tell me about willpower? Ever since my childhood, I have been criticised because of my lack of willpower. My resolutions are never completed. I just feel no motivation whatsoever whenever I make resolutions. At first there is a lot of enthusiasm but then it just fizzles out soon. Both my parents say that I have a lot of potential but I am hampered by my own lack of willpower. I have tried every possible way to feel that drive of ambition but I still don’t feel it.
I am termed lazy and hopeless, and my life is termed wasted. Hence, I feel rather depressed and weighed down by my parents’ expectations (of course, I’m not blaming them). I’ve even cried a fair few times. Please tell me, am I just lazy? Am I weak willed? Please tell me a way to make my resolutions come true, to improve my willpower. I have totally lost confidence in myself. I feel that I have achieved nothing in my life and hence I feel the constant worry that I shall just waste my life and do no deed worth remembering. Please do help me Deepak!!! (just so that you know, I am a high-school student hence my goals and aspirations are mainly academic in nature.)

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