You Can Bet On Your Own Weight Loss And Win Big Cash

Have you ever wished for something, anything, to give you a needed push to stick with an exercise plan and/or healthier eating routine? Kids can be great motivators, but sometimes you need something stronger. Putting some financial incentive into play, like mom of four Kelsey did, could be the key. “I want to be a healthy mom who can chase all my kids around,” she told us.

If you know it’s time to make some changes and start eating better, good for you. But if you’re having trouble staying motivated, why not try an extra incentive and earn some cold hard cash while you’re at it?

True story: The HealthyWage app means you can bet on yourself while you’re losing weight. It’s super simple — just place a bet on how much you want to lose and by when — and it pays you REAL MONEY.

After losing 55 pounds with HealthyWage, Jennifer was thrilled to get new clothes. “I bought a new wardrobe with my winnings,” she told us. Yeah, we know. It sounds too good to be true, but we swear, it’s for real.

healthywage winner

Brooke bet $50/month for 9 months and won $1,506.96 for losing 50 pounds

“I was extremely skeptical of a website that would pay you to lose weight,” said Brooke, who won $1,507 with HealthyWage. “To be completely honest, it seemed like a scam. One of my co-workers was in the middle of her wager. I told her to let me know if she actually got paid for losing her weight, and she DID! After she got her payout, I told my husband about it and we decided to do it.”

Brooke used her winnings to replace her wardrobe. “I couldn’t wear anything in my closet after losing 50 pounds,” she said. “But we also went on a wonderful two-week Caribbean vacation. It was amazing! My body is in no way perfect and I’m learning to embrace the imperfections. However feeling comfortable in a bikini was something I honestly never thought I’d do again.”

healthywage winner

Jennifer bet $100/month for 6 months and won $1,939 for losing 55 pounds

“I’m getting older (I turned 41 in May) and I didnt want to be going to my kids’ middle and high school events overweight,” Jennifer told us. “It was getting close to New Year’s and I was planning to make it my resolution to lose weight and get in shape. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to make money while you lose weight? So I just googled and that’s how I found out about HealthyWage.” She feels HealthyWage really made a difference in keeping her motivated. “The the chance to win money definitely influenced my willpower!”

Kelsey bet $50/month for 15 months and won $1,564.93 for losing 55 pounds

healthywage winner

Kelsey’s story will sound pretty familiar to other moms. “I had gained 65 pounds during my fourth pregnancy and knew when my daughter was about 9 months old it was time to get my act together,” she told us.

It was friends who inspired her to seek out HealthyWage. “We have good friends who did a weight loss challenge together with a group of their friends and it was very motivating for them,” she said. “I know I’m motivated by money, so I googled weight loss challenges that reward financially. I also don’t like to lose money, so I knew I’d work hard to get it back!”

She found the bet really kept her going. “I had motivation and a deadline!” She rewarded herself with massages during the process. “I just figured I was using part of my winnings in advance,” she laughed.

So Why Not Bet on Yourself This Summer?

If you want to get paid to lose weight with HealthyWage, here’s how to get started:

1. The HealthyWage Prize Calculator is where you start. You enter how much you want to lose and how long you’ll take — and how much you want to bet (ranges from $20 to $150 a month). The calculator will determine your prize amount, up to $10,000. You can play with the calculator until you get the prize and goal just right, and you’ll know your prize amount before officially placing your bet.

2. Sign up and lay down your bet. You will pay that monthly wager during the duration of your challenge.

3. When you achieve your weight-loss goal, you win! You’ll start and end your challenge with a video-recorded weigh-in to demonstrate your weight loss. Throughout the challenge, you’ll also log weekly weigh-ins, but not on video. These help ensure you’re losing the weight in a healthy way, not through extreme measures. If you don’t hit your goal, don’t feel bad — your money goes to support HealthyWage, including prizes for others who achieve their goals.

So this summer inspire yourself by betting on your own wellness goals. You could win big in more ways than one.

HealthyWage is the best tool out there for helping you stay motivated on your path to wellness. With HealthyWage, you can make a personal weight loss bet or get your friends together for a team weight-loss challenge — and it can be used as part of a corporate wellness program as well. To learn more about HealthyWage, head on over to the site and check it out!

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