You Can Now Buy Heated Clothing So You’ll Never Be Cold Again

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If you haven’t been in hibernation mode already, you’ll have noticed the winter weather is well and truly upon us.

To add to the cold temperatures, we’re now heading into work when it’s dark, leaving work when it’s dark, and staying indoors thoroughly snuggled up on the sofa to keep warm.

For the hoards of us who work in offices, we cope with the plummeting temperatures thanks to radiators, blankets and hot water bottles – gloves as well if you’re as cold as me – but it doesn’t bare thinking about if you’re one of the poor souls who has to work outside!

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Working outside during the winter time must be one of the worst things ever! Seriously, how do you find the motivation to leave your nice warm bed on a harsh winter’s day?

But fear not, as now, heated clothing has been invented to ensure you’ll never have to go cold again, keeping frostbite and sniffles well and truly at bay!

Clothing company Ororo are a heated apparel company, with their products supposedly suitable for every single environment.

According to their website, they state ‘life shouldn’t be dictated by a thermometer’:

We wanted to create a jacket that can be worn in any season you want.

Our team brainstormed and realized this special jacket had to be durable enough to wear on freezing autumn nights, definitely would need all the internal heating elements to keep you warm through the winter. [sic]

Not just the colder months either! We wanted to make sure it was lightweight enough to help you survive those wet, mild spring months. We did all this AND we made it look good! [sic]

Ororo state their mission is to make sure you’re are both warm and comfortable when wearing their clothing:

Our goal is to make sure when you put on our heated apparel, that you are warm, comfortable and enjoying yourself. When you share your stories and pictures with us, it shows us that we are succeeding in that mission.

That doesn’t mean we’ll get complacent, however! We are always testing new designs and the latest technologies to make sure you stay satisfied and most importantly, fashionable.

So the moment you’ve been waiting for  – how much and what does it look like…

On Amazon, you can get a woman’s heated jacket for £129.99 – £163.39, in black, which has three heat zones; left chest, right chest, back and forth, with four heat stufes.

The description continues with the interior, which is fleeced, wind-proof and water-repellent, while being equipped with a high quality battery heater ‘for work and play’.

While the men’s jacket will set you back between £144.32 – £146.40, with the same features, including a 7.4 V, 4400 mAh External Power Bank Battery Pack which will give up to eight hours of comfortable heat.

Check them out below:

Ororo heated jacketsAmazon

In the range , you can also get hoodies, body warmers, and gloves – which are touch screen compatible.

On their official website the description reads:

Both the outer shell and heated liner gloves are designed with touchscreen-sensitive fabric so you can take a selfie, browse Instagram or do whatever you want WITHOUT taking your gloves off. [sic]

If you’re quick, you might still be able to get a Black Friday deal!

I couldn’t think of a more perfect Christmas present to be honest – well done Ororo!

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