You Know What To Do | A Motivational Message To Entrepreneurs by Joshua Dorkin

We’ve all felt scared about doing that big thing we’ve dreamed of doing. We all KNOW what we need to do, but more often than not we let our fear of the unknown keep us from doing that one thing. Whether that’s quitting your job, starting that business, or investing in real estate, fear lies within our decisions and often leaves us in the same position as we were before.

In this powerful, motivating, hard-hitting & inspirational speech from entrepreneur Joshua Dorkin (Founder of BiggerPockets), you’ll hear one incredible story of conquering the seemingly impossible and walk away with the motivation to take control of your life and pursue that which you know you need to do.

We hope you enjoy this amazing speech from our Founder and leave knowing what you need to do!

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*This video is from The BiggerPockets Conference 2019! Stay tuned to join us for BPCON 2020!

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